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Why Private Pay?

A great reason to choose to go the private pay route for therapy is you get more flexibility and can get in for an appointment quickly. Especially right now when things are so overwhelming and you can’t wait weeks to be seen or call a list of people just to hear they are full.

With private pay you choose how often you need or want to be seen and know exactly how much to budget for. There are no claims to track or ambiguity over what is covered. It can even cost less overall especially if you have good out of network benefits (some plans will pay up to 80% of the session fee).

Another great reason to consider going outside of insurance is you are getting a therapist that will be putting more of their energy each week on YOU and personalizing the perfect plan for you to meet your goals. With private pay session lengths and frequency can vary to meet your needs. Therapists are focused on providing quality services.

There’s also your privacy and your records to consider. With private pay your information won’t be going to an insurance company and you don’t have to be labeled with a mental health diagnosis to receive services. That means you can come in for things that may not fit neatly into any of the mental health diagnoses such as stress, caregiving, grief and more. During this time of so much uncertainty there is an increasing need for support and space to process all that has been occurring for you.

Lastly when you choose private pay you will be more motivated to fully engage to get the most out of your time in therapy without the restrictions and expectations for you to "do therapy" in a way that suits what they require.

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