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Specialized Services

Concierge Plans:

Individual Concierge Plans allow you to have flexible and prioritized access to services. ​

**Available for mental health supports on film sets and other creative project sets where stress and strain on mental and emotional health are likely to occur.**

A retainer fee is an advance payment that's non-refundable made by a client to a professional, and it is considered a down payment on the future services rendered by that professional. Typical requested notice is within 12-72 hours. 

Typical retainer requested services:

-Company and organization mental and emotional consultation services 

-Client skills review and practice reminders between sessions via text/email

-On site/set mental health supports for staff and talent for creative productions and projects 

Contact me to discuss a customized plan that suits the needs of your schedule.

*Travel is included up to 10 miles outside of Atlanta, GA area (30316 zip code)

Specialized Offerings: Welcome

Wellness and Coaching Services

Embracing all the parts of your journey!

Singing Bowl

Sound Bowl /Meditation Sessions

Take a break

Cameraman with Movie Camera

Creative Projects

Invest wellness into the process!


Yoga and Dance Fitness

Move Through the Stress

Specialized Offerings: Services

Creative Me

Life Imitates Art!!

I did not watch much television growing up due to lack of access to it. Instead, I found myself in play-pretend and imaginative experiences that included creating scenes, sets, and scripts that I recruited friends and family to bring to life. 

Thus, as a passionate mental health therapist with a unique vision for integrating psychological expertise into the dynamic world of film and television, I appreciate the opportunity to work with Creators. 
With over 10 years of experience in clinical practice, I have honed a compassionate and client-centered approach to therapy.

Specializing in holistic therapy, Brainspotting, and meditative trauma processing approaches, I have successfully guided individuals through various mental health challenges, fostering resilience and personal growth.

Driven by a deep appreciation for the power of storytelling, I tend to envision a bridge between mental health advocacy and the influential platform of film and television. With a keen understanding of how narratives shape and are shaped by societal perceptions, I aspire to contribute to the creation of authentic and nuanced portrayals of mental health in media.

By seamlessly blending clinical expertise with a passion for storytelling, I recognize the potential for on-screen content to inspire empathy, reduce stigma, and encourage meaningful conversations about mental well-being.

Known for my engaging and relatable therapeutic style, I look forward to opportunities to collaborate with filmmakers, producers, and writers to ensure accurate and sensitive depictions of mental health experiences. 

I believe in the transformative impact that authentic portrayals can have on audiences, fostering understanding and breaking down barriers to seeking help.

Whether consulting on scripts, advising on character development, or offering mental health resources for production teams, 
I am available to contribute the therapeutic perspective to the entertainment industry. 

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