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Concierge & Retainer Plans

Packaged & Customized Services

Concierge Plans:

Individual Concierge Plans allow you to have flexible and prioritized access to services. ​

**Available for mental health supports on film sets and other creative project sets where stress and strain on mental and emotional health are likely to occur.**

A retainer fee is an advance payment that's non-refundable made by a client to a professional, and it is considered a down payment on the future services rendered by that professional. Typical requested notice is within 12-72 hours. 

Typical retainer requested services:

-Company and organization mental and emotional consultation services 

-Client skills review and practice reminders between sessions via text/email

-On site/set mental health supports for staff and talent for creative productions and projects 

Contact me to discuss a customized plan that suits the needs of your schedule.

*Travel is included up to 10 miles outside of Atlanta, GA area (30316 zip code)

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Concierge Plans: Welcome
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