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About Mrs. Kendra Kelly


*BLA Humanities & Social Science: 2009

*Master of Arts in Professional Counseling: 2012

*Master's level Public Health Promotion Professional: 2014


*Georgia Licensed Professional Counselor-#008797: 2014

*Florida Telehealth Mental health professional-#TPMC1474: 2021

*California Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor-#15324: 2023


National LGBT Chamber of Commerce

OUT GA Business Alliance


-Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Responder

- National Board Certified Counselor: #612847

- Certified Reiki Practicioner

- Advanced certified Yoga, breathwork and meditation teacher ( 300 hour yoga alliance approved)

- Certified Trauma Informed Practitioner

- Certified Mindfulness Informed Practitioner

- Certified Sound Healer

- NAFC Group Fitness Instructor (coming 2024)

Additional Training: 


-National Child Traumatic Stress


-Military populations


-Trauma Informed Care 


-SAFESPORT trained

-Production Assistant Academy: Atlanta Film Society 

-Principles of Somatic Experiencing 

-Mental Health First Aid Certification 2009-2019

-Crisis Intervention Instructor 2015-2019 


Additional Professsional Experience: 

The Mission Continues: Service Leadership Corps Fellowship


After Her Service: Business Coaching Program Completion 2019-2020



​​Past academic focus:

Community wellness education and empowerment with efforts to dissolve wholistic wellness disparity gaps through health prevention and wellness maintenance efforts.


Military Veteran:

Army and Air Force Reserves 2002-2018

Performing and creative arts: 

dance, acting, writing, directing, creative coordinating & producing for film/stage. 


Clinical Professional History: 

Military and Family Life Counselor

Licensed Professional Counselor Continuing Education reviewer

Social and Emotional Learning Coach

Clinical Academic and Services Care Coordinator, Clinical Director Residential Group Homes within The Department of Family and Children Services 

Special education teacher assistant and technician 

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"This is Why I Do It"

Holistic Mental Health and Wellness

Throughout my journey, I've grappled with limiting beliefs, feeling marginalized, and struggling with self-worth.

I've embraced a spectrum of healing practices—therapy, coaching, holistic approaches, and spirituality—believing in their collective power to nurture individual and communal wholeness.

My private practice emerged from a deep-seated need to offer visible support grounded in holistic living, nurturing the unique passions and strengths of each individual and community.

As a Black woman, I'm committed to elevating the visibility of Black wellness and mental health, while as a Queer woman, I hold space for diverse sexualities and connections.

Creativity, spirituality, and intuitive abilities infuse my approach to healing, allowing me to guide others on their journeys of self-discovery and growth.

Having worked with diverse populations across various settings, I've learned the importance of person-centered therapy and continue to expand my knowledge through ongoing learning and lived experiences.

I believe in empowering individuals to harness their creativity, strengths, and talents, acknowledging that they are the experts of their own lives.

I'm here to support, guide, and encourage your journey towards self-healing and evolution.


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Professional Associations

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OUT Georgia

Intersection of Art and Healing

Mind and Body

I am a passionate therapist whose journey blends the worlds of mental health and dance. I discovered my love for dance at an early age. Trained in various dance forms, I developed a deep appreciation for the emotional and expressive power of movement.

Driven by a desire to understand the intersection of mental wellness and artistic creativity, I pursued a dual path of academic excellence and dance training. I earned my degrees in counseling and public health while continuing to refine my skills as a dancer and choreographer. This unique combination of expertise allows me to explore the profound connections between the mind and body, using movement as a therapeutic tool.

As a therapist, I am an advocate for the importance of mental wellness in the world of art and creativity.  I emphasize the therapeutic benefits of movement in processing emotions, reducing stress, and fostering self-expression. I believe that artists face unique challenges that require a holistic approach to mental health.

I encourage my clients to explore the emotional landscapes of their creativity, using movement as a means to unlock hidden emotions and tap into their artistic potential. 

In a world where the pressures of the creative industry can take a toll on mental health, I seek to be a respite space for Artists and Creatives, promoting the idea that true artistic brilliance is nurtured in a mind that is well cared for and at peace.

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