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What are your thoughts telling you to feel ?

Thoughts Thoughts refer to the ways that we make sense of situations. Thoughts can take a number of forms, including verbal forms such as words, sentences, and explicit ideas, as well as non-verbal forms such as mental images. Thoughts are the running commentary we hear in our minds throughout our lives.

Feelings The term feelings here doesn’t refer to emotion, but the physiological changes that occur as a result of emotion. For instance, when we feel the emotion of anger, we have the feeling of our face flushing. When we feel the emotion of anxiety, we have the feelings of our heart pounding and muscles tensing. Feelings are the hard-wired physical manifestation of emotion.

Behaviors Behaviors are simply the things we do. Behaviors are also the things we don’t do. These are actions we take in response to something happening within or around us-whether it is planned or unplanned.... expected or unexpected.

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