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Trainer and Counselor Collab

Pairing fitness and exercise in navigating emotional and mental growth and healing can be key to getting unstuck those negative experiences tucked away within our physical bodies. "I’m a huge advocate for body therapy aligned with mental health"-Mrs. Kendra Our bodies store our traumas as physical memories .... that’s why many times we can’t find the words to detail or describe them or it happened during a time when we simply did not have the vocabulary to process it. Our bodies seem to attempt to metabolize and absorb what we go through. It’s our best defense in the moment .... yet that soon can become body aches, fight of flight reactions, stiffness and poor posture, weight loss and weight gain and other medical issues.

"Fitness and exercise is mostly mental. Once you get the mind in line, the body will follow."-Coach Kellz

Set the intention for working out. Assign your fitness session a trauma. Dedicate the movement to a growth area. Let’s get unstuck !!

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