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Shifts... seasons and "daylight savings"

Greetings !

As we flow through into daylight savings time for some, we get to experience a shift in how time and daylight shows up for us.

As the seasons begin to change we may get to see the shifts in nature of all types.

And maybe even within your own life, change and shifts are happening.

Some of us have had some challenges or fulfillment in these shifts.

Take the time this month to take inventory.

What is working out for you ?

-how do you create more of the energy that is fulfilling for you?

-who or what has allowed things to work out in those areas of your life ?

(Don’t shy away from giving yourself credit)

What is not quite working out for you ?

-what can be harnessed from that to support you better or maybe what parts of those experiences can be released ?

Reflect through your notes or journal over the past 3 months.... and take accountability of the parts that you’ve applied or tried on/practiced, as well as the aspects you have hesitance with.


I Release any self judgment.

I Embrace growing and learning.

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