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Schemas and the stories we tell...

A schema is a held belief that a person has about themselves, about other people, or about the world in general. The belief can be either positive or negative.... conducive or maladaptive. In all cases, the schema is accepted as being true, even if it’s negative and causes harm or difficulties in the person’s life.

What are your thoughts on that? The reality that we are carrying and living schemas that we ultimately see as our demise or disappointment and life dissatisfaction, yet it has become our truth.

Many times negative schemas develop at an early age and children hold beliefs about themselves that they learn from caregivers, parents and other adults. The child who hears judgmental messages such as “You’re lazy” or “You’re stupid” will begin to think that these things are true and grow up to be adults who think they are lazy, stupid, or generally incompetent.

Similarly, children who are abused, mistreated, or criticized may begin to think they’ve done something bad enough to deserve their mistreatment—regardless of the fact that none of these unkind comments or actions are deserved.

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