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March 2022

Well, we don’t need to look at the astrological landscape to know that we’re living through intense times! Not only do the stars affirm this but they give us a way to further discern what we may be feeling and experiencing.

We’re embarking on a fresh start at the March 2 New Moon in Pisces. This New Moon has quite expansive qualities, given that it unites with make-it-bigger Jupiter. Our boundaries may feel thinner as we’re flooded with sensitivity and compassion. Have faith that love is stronger than hate, and invoke peace and healing for yourself and anyone else who needs it. The beauty of this Piscean sea is that it wants us to know and be love. March 3 has intensity written all over it. It's the day that both values-oriented Venus and warrior Mars unite with deep-dive Pluto. With the lead-up to that we may feel like we’re on a journey to the underworld. We’re experiencing things that seem unimaginable and have us feeling on the edge just as Pluto—the planet tied to the cycles of life—will do. As facades are stripped away, we are also able to dig down into the depth of our hearts and souls, see what really matters, and commit with all of our might to fighting for what it is truly valuable to us, what makes life rich and worthwhile. When it comes to personal relationships, being honest and not taking BS (including our own) is key to unearthing the depth of connection we may be seeking.

This month, we may find ourselves coming together in more innovative ways and experiencing a deeper level of our shared humanity. –Stephanie Gailing

Days later, on March 6, Venus and Mars move into Aquarius and we shift our attention from what’s in front of us to what we want our future to look like. We get more inventive and connect to a greater desire to join with like-minded people to expedite social progress. Brotherly and sisterly love expands and we may find ourselves coming together in more innovative ways and experiencing a deeper level of our shared humanity.

March 20 brings the Equinox, a seasonal shift, and the Sun moving into Aries. With that we may find ourselves infused with moxie, have more spring in our step, and connect to our innate ability to be a champion for our desires. While it’s April that features the dreamy union of Jupiter and Neptune in the sign of Pisces, this month both the radiant Sun and messenger Mercury unite with both of them, invoking our imagination and intuition. Let your dreams guide you. With the veils between worlds appearing thinner, the magical and mystical may seem closer than ever. That said, watch your boundaries this month. Be aware of what you’re seeing and remember that our perception is often colored by the lenses we wear. There’s a heightened chance that what we're seeing is reflective of what we want to see. Astrological Highlights March 2: Pisces New Moon March 3: Venus/Pluto Conjunction, Mars/Pluto Conjunction March 5: Sun/Jupiter Conjunction March 6: Venus enters Aquarius, Mars enters Aquarius, Venus/Mars Conjunction March 13: Sun/Neptune Conjunction March 18: Virgo Full Moon March 20: Sun enters Aries March 21: Mercury/Jupiter Conjunction March 23: Mercury/Neptune Conjunction This article mentions: Spirituality

About the Author: Stephanie Gailing Stephanie Gailing is wellness astrologer and author with more than 25 years of experience. She offers personal Stellar Guidance Sessions and is the author of The Complete Book of Dreams and and The Astrological Self-Care Journal. Read more articles by Stephanie Gailing

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