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(7) House of relationships... "I connect..."

Ruled by zodiac sign: Libra

The seventh house is the sector of relationships and other people. It governs all partnerships, both business and personal, and relationship-associated matters, like contracts, marriage, and business deals.

The seventh house rules one's marriage and romantic relationships. The zodiac sign of the seventh house and any planets within it can demonstrate a great deal about the character of your lover.

Being inverse of the first house, it demonstrates our conduct towards different partners we have in life. A wide range of professional connections and contracts are all issues of this seventh house. The seventh house manages the business relationships and the individual's association with them; close business partners can turn into a crucial piece of one's daily reality and it is not uncommon that a strong camaraderie develops between them.

Tensions within a partnership also serve to teach us lessons. For this reason, the Seventh House also focuses on the darker side of our unions. Divorce, lawsuits and treaties all fall within this house. At its worst, a partnership may create enemies — and on a more global scale, these rifts can deteriorate into war. It is our reaction to this adversity which will shape the partnerships yet to come.


REFLECTION: How have you observed your relationships in love and business unfold?

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