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Wellness and Nature... Spring Forward---Welcome to March!

For some people, a sense of meaning and purpose comes from connection with nature rather than, or in addition to, a connection with a higher power or Spirit, God, Universe.

The term, EcoWellness is “a sense of appreciation, respect for, and awe of nature that results in feelings of connectedness with a natural environment and the enhancement of holistic wellness” (Reese & Myers, 2012, p. 400). "EcoWellness is composed of three dimensions: access to nature, environmental identity, and transcendence in nature. The third dimension, transcendence in nature, is described by both spiritual well-being and community connectedness."

Spending time in nature is awe inspiring and cultivates feelings of respect and responsibility to both the natural world and those around us. For many people, being in nature helps bring clarity and perspective that are so easily distorted in our world that is full of tech-centered and highly paced activities and living.

Here are some ways to use nature in your wellness journey:

1. Be open to moments of awe. As you are walking or outside, try to notice one thing that is an example of how much bigger the world is than yourself.

2. End your day with gratitude. Before you go to bed, come up with at least one thing you are grateful for that happened to you that day. Write them down to see whether you have a gratitude pattern and how that relates to your overall wellness.

3. Think back on your childhood and try to remember the first time you felt connected to others or a larger power. What is a small way you can recreate that feeling each morning when you wake up?

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