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The parts of me....

Sometimes you just have to bring all of you to table!!

In the context of Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, "parts" refer to different aspects of an individual's internal psychological system. IFS is a therapeutic approach that views the mind as consisting of various subpersonalities or "parts" that play different roles and have different perspectives. Each part represents a different aspect of the person's experience and may have its own feelings, beliefs, and behaviors.

Here are some common parts in the Internal Family Systems model:

1. Exiles: These are wounded or vulnerable parts that hold past traumatic or painful memories. They are often hidden or suppressed in order to protect the individual from experiencing overwhelming emotions.

2. Managers: These parts are responsible for maintaining control, managing tasks, and keeping the individual safe. They may exhibit qualities such as perfectionism, self-control, and self-discipline.

3. Firefighters: Firefighter parts emerge in response to distress and aim to distract or numb the individual from painful emotions or memories. They can manifest as impulsive behaviors, addictive tendencies, or self-destructive patterns.

4. Self: The Self is considered the core essence of an individual. It is the compassionate and wise center that can lead the healing process and bring harmony to the various parts. The Self has qualities such as curiosity, empathy, and clarity.

In IFS therapy, the goal is to cultivate a harmonious relationship between these parts and the Self, allowing for internal balance and healing. The therapist works with the individual to develop a deeper understanding of their parts, build trust with them, and ultimately integrate them into a cohesive system. This helps individuals develop self-awareness, self-compassion, and the ability to navigate their internal world more effectively.

How can you look at the different parts of you from a new lens today?

How does each part contribute to your well-being, personality, and uniqueness of you?

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