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Resilience Hour

Its that time again... that time JUST FOR YOU!!!


Setting aside a moment that is designed for you can seem impossible sometimes. There are so many "other" things to do that certain parts of YOU, just get pushed to the side. The benefits of setting aside this hour for yourself can be supportive of your mental and emotional resilience, as well as the overall relationship with yourself. You will be more prepared to deal with the things of the day. Maybe you will feel more relaxed and connected to yourself. You could even find yourself more motivated and grounded.

An hour may seem like a very long time just for you. Yet, how many hours do you spend at your job or doing work? How many hours do you spend watching a movie or show series? How many hours do you spend in your car driving or commuiting?

Its true. We can set aside moments during those times (in the car, at work, watching TV) or designate those moments as time just for us, but how much quality is truly in those moments consistently? And how often do you ACTUALLY find yourself aware that you deserve UNDIVIDED ATTENTION given to you, from you?

The Resilience Hour can be divided up in ways that embody quality time with yourself. It can happen at any time of the day. Try to do it at different times and notice any changes in the benefits and effects.

And it can be an hour you look forward to, set boundaries around, and get serious about!!

Here is an example:


20 mins---- Reading (books that allow you to explore, be creative, learn)

20 mins--------- Journaling (reflection from reading, overall mood/thoughts)

20 mins-------------------- Move your body (exercise, dance, stretch, yoga)

20 mins----------------------------------- Stillness/Meditation/Breathwork

Maybe you need to start of with breaking down each in 5 minute increments. Thats okay. Its a journey, not a race.

What does RESILIENCE mean to you? Define it for yourself.

What are some ways you would structure your RESILIENCE HOUR?

Happy New Year!!

In gratitude,

Mrs. Kendra

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