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Relationship anyone....?

Who are you in relationships....?

Have some things from the past affected how you show up in relationships ?

Maybe you have experienced all of this at some point. The great thing is learning and knowing is a great first step to making changes and shifts in how you respond.

1) THE FIGHT TYPE – Maybe due to your experiences, the ‘fight’ response may be your go to. Maybe you avoid close relationships with others by frequently becoming enraged and by being overly demanding. Being unconsciously driven to behave in a way because you have a deep-rooted need to alienate others so that an intimate relationship cannot develop. These type of relationships may seem scary and unsafe carrying a fear of rejection risk.

2) THE FLIGHT TYPE – It is theorized that this type of individual, for the same reasons as above, avoids close relationships with others by immersing himself in activities (for example, by becoming a workaholic) which do not leave him the time to build deep, serious relationships with others.

3) THE FREEZE TYPE – This type avoids serious relationships with others by not participating with them socially. Often they will become reclusive and increasingly take refuge in fantasies and day-dreams.

4) THE FAWN TYPE – According to Walker M.A., the fawn type will often go out of their way to help others, perhaps by performing some kind of community service, but without building up emotionally close, or intimate, relationships, due to fear, like the other three types detailed above, of making themselves vulnerable to painful rejection which would reawaken intense feelings of distress experienced as a result of the original, highly traumatic childhood rejection.

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