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Psychological Safety

  1. Psychological= mental + emotional states

  2. Psychological safety is the idea that someone feels safe to take interpersonal risks with the people around them.

  3. Psychological safety is not being afraid of being labelled or criticised for saying what they are thinking and feeling.

  4. The condition in which you feel included, safe to learn, safe to contribute, and safe to challenge without fear.

Psychological safety in a relationship is being able to trust your partner with your emotional needs. This means being comfortable to share your thoughts and feelings with your partner without worry that your partner may put your down, tell you that you are in the wrong, or risk a fight with them.

When psychological safety in a relationship is present, we are more willing to show our vulnerable side, and it is this mutual disclosure that brings partners closer together. It is thus a critical building block to forming a strong emotional connection.

When psycholgoical safety is lacking in a relationship, we are less willing to be honest and open. We deny our true needs and feelings and at a rate, we beging to distance ourselves from our partner.

Things often escalate as partners start losing sight of the things that made their partner attractive and loveable. As the feelings of love and affection diminish, the partners end up having even less motivation and patience to empathize with each other. This downward spiral can and does lead to the demise of a relationship.


  • What are some ways you can foster psychological safety within your relationship ?

  • What have been some ways in which you have not felt emotionallly safe and how did it improve or be resolved?

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