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Permission Slip...

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

I give myself permission.

Welcome to December!!!

When is the last time that you gave yourself the permission to _(insert that thing you may have fought against or negotiated away from)_?

Liviing through this year has been traumatic for many people...even for those that have thrived and evolved and grown.

As you may spend some time reflecting on your year... I want to leave a few notes to ponder about trauma on all scales:

1. Feeling numb and out of touch with your emotions is normal

2. You may not be able to process a lot of what is going on

3. Parts of your brain shut down in order to help you survive through traumatic experiences

4. You may feel anxious and hyperactive or depressed and hypoactive in dealing with stress from this year

5. Processing of trauma sometimes happens years later when you feel more safe to do so

6. It is okay to lower some expectations and give yourself grace and kindness during tough times

7. Not every trauma is experienced equally from person to person or from one personal experience to the next... honor YOUR process.

Write yourself a permission slip, in a sense. What do you give yourself permission to do this month?

Small things... forgotten things... big things...

Apply it to people, places, things, experiences and notice what changes or what happens.

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