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Updated: Oct 23, 2023

The use of media to explore topics, thoughts, views, feelings, and life experiences is used often inside and outside of the therapy space.

Being able to see yourself in a character's experience, or a scene-actual or perceived-can be a powerful tool.

It is often helpful to be grounded and in a space that supports possible emotionally activating experiences when using movies or other media as a therapeutic tool.

The great thing about streaming movies and media is that you can stop or pause, take care of yourself-take a break, talk to a friend, grabbed some water or food, take deep breaths- and get back to it when YOU decide and feel ready.

This is my recommendation to and for you if /whenever you use media as a therapeutic resource.

To begin:

  1. Get an understanding of the theme or plot of the movie... previews can be useful, but also read any descriptions and log lines. The plot is what happens in a film, i.e., the narrative sequence of events that determine the outcome of the characters. Thus, movie plots are events that happen in sequence to show a cause and effect.

  2. Decide why you are choosing this movie or media as a therapeutic tool or activating impact to process your own experiences.

  3. Journal before, during, and after. Before: Is there a correlation for you in the plot of this movie or media? During: What comes up for me as I watch this? After: What did I gain or what can I process after watching this movie or media?

Alway ground yourself as needed throughout and after. SUGGESTION: Watch with someone you feel comfortable with (together or separately.

Always follow up with your therapist or health provider as an additional support and space to process.


-Words on Bathroom Walls

-Inside Out

-Everything Now

-My Mind and Me

-We Need to Talk About Kevin

-Black Swan

-Eighth Grade

-First Blood

-Harlem, the series

-Swarm, the series

-Girl, Interrupted

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