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February 2022

It’s a time when clarity may emerge, when the fresh starts we’ve been seeking gain traction, and when we may finally find ourselves able to move forward with our aims and visions. That’s because come February 3, when Mercury ends its current retrograde cycle, all of the planets will be in direct motion (for a while actually, until April 29). And with that, we can take the jewels that we gathered from all the reviewing, reflection, and re-evaluation we’ve done over the past months and use them to forge our plans and pursuits. Not only will we have access to envisioning the horizons we want to explore, we'll have momentum and forward-moving energy to assist us in our quests. Welcome to February, the unofficial beginning of 2022. That said, once Mercury shifts direct, it’s still moving slowly for a few days. And so should we because on February 4 there’s a union between the Sun and disciplined Saturn. Diligently working on the blueprint for what we want to create will gift it with more sustainability and help us sidestep obstacles that could arise if we cut corners. It's an inspiring time as all of this is happening on the heels of a New Moon that opens the month (January 31 on the West Coast and just after midnight February 1 on the East Coast). On this month’s New Moon is in Aquarius we may find ourselves remembering the power of the communities with whom we are allied and how being a part of a collective can help us channel our desire to help the world at large. February 11 brings the Mercury/Pluto Conjunction and a desire to uncover information that resides below the surface. We may also feel motivated to really tell it like it is. If you do, don’t forget your audience and the best way to help them understand your message. The Leo Full Moon on February 16 reminds us of how group projects can be really satisfying, notably if they allow us to shine our unique light and contribute our special gifts. Discovering ways that technology can give us a broader canvas to be creative as well as meet our practical aims is another offering of this lunation. That same day, Venus and Mars unite and with this we may find ourselves feeling that what we love and what we desire are in alignment. What we value and ensuring that we value ourselves are quite activated, as may be the subject of money. Additionally, being in action so that we can enjoy the people, subjects, and things that we love is the focus du jour. This month, put assumptions and expectations aside and see how there are likely many more paths forward than you may not have initially considered. –Stephanie Gailing

As you consider all of these inspirations, including how to move forward with your visions this month, don’t do so solely from your go-to lens. Put assumptions and rote expectations aside for a moment and see how there are likely many more paths forward than you may not have initially considered. Be innovative, take a detour and a road less traveled, and be open to surprises (and surprising yourself). Moving the pieces of the puzzle around may give you that aha! you’ve been seeking. Widening your perspective–including of what you love, what you desire, and what you’re capable of creating–will bring you a sense of freedom that will ignite and delight you. What’s the inspiration for all this? The Jupiter/Uranus sextile that occurs on February 17 infuses its sparkle for weeks before and after the exact alignment. So, welcome to February, the unofficial beginning of 2022. I hope it provides you with the inspiration, clarity, and mojo to move your dreams forward! Astrological Highlights February 1: Aquarius New Moon February 3: Mercury Retrograde ends February 4: Sun/Saturn Conjunction February 11: Mercury/Pluto Conjunction February 16: Leo Full Moon; Venus/Mars Conjunction February 17: Jupiter/Uranus Sextile This article mentions: Spirituality

About the Author: Stephanie Gailing Stephanie Gailing is wellness astrologer and author with more than 25 years of experience. She offers personal Stellar Guidance Sessions and is the author of The Complete Book of Dreams and and The Astrological Self-Care Journal. Read more articles by Stephanie Gailing

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