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(5) House of pleasure .... "I enjoy..."

Ruled by zodiac sign Leo:

Children, creativity, and the pursuit of pleasure are aligned with the 5th house. That can include personal interests, love affairs, sports, hobbies, speculation, celebration, drama, creative self-expression, taking risks, etc. The 5th house is all about you being yourself and enjoying it.

This is a very fertile house in the sense that it rules the creation of all things—how we express ourselves in artistic and dramatic ways, as well as the literal creation of children. The fifth house is the means by which one conveys what one desires, and one's own path towards fulfillment. The fifth house is about how you have fun.

Aside from hobbies, the individual's obsessions and fixations all fall in this house as well. The difference between a hobby and a fixation is somewhat unclear, and these two are distinctive sides of the same coin. For example, sex as a recreational action is likewise to be seen in the fifth house, restricted to romantic and meaningful sex which is controlled by the eighth house. The fifth house alludes to casual sex as a fun game, or as another athletic exercise that keeps the body and the mind sound and alive. Even flirtation, dating, meeting new individuals and playing the game of romance is additionally thought of as subjects of the fifth house.


REFLECTION: What is your creative self expression? What allows you to feel connected to your desires? How often do you enjoy play and hobbies? Are there things you want to add more of in your life that enhances your fulfillment and playfulness? What have you noticed about your romantic and sexual encounters?

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