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I am glad you are here. 

Holistic, Licensed Professional Counselor, integrating all of the parts of you-Mind, Body, Spirit, Community!


Collaborative Mental Wellness and Counseling services 

Licensed in Georgia and California

Registered Telehealth in Florida


​​​This site is for informational purposes only. ​

Please do not use if you are in need of immediate care. Instead contact 988 for mental health emergencies or 911 for all other emergency needs. 

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Specializations and Modalities

Traditional talk therapy along with Evidence-based Holistic approaches ….

Interpersonal Supported 

Mind-Body Aligned

Strengths Based

Transpersonal Lens

Person & Narrative Centered

Solutions Focused

Trauma Informed

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"Resilience is what gives people the psychological strength to cope with stress and hardship. It is the mental reservoir of strength that people are able to call on in times of need to carry them through without falling apart."

{With special attention to necessary times of stillness, rest, healing, and pause}

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I welcome the collaboration of spiritual and other resources you utilize into the therapy space.

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Many of my clients use supportive and collaborative forms of healing and processing of life to include, religious teachings, including ATR, spiritual practices, their spiritual medium and psychic reading notes, Tarot reading notes, chakra work, dreams, and their own yogi/yogini practices. 

Therapeutic space with me supports your opportunity to unpack and move through what you discover in those experiences and practices. 

General outcomes: 

  • Honor of your lineage and spiritual practices 

  • Enhanced self-awareness​     ​

  • Clarity of the issues, problems,  and patterns affecting your life​      

  • Skills, resources, and tools for an ever-evolving you       

  • Reduced distress and other destructive life patterns       

  • The want, the will, and the choice to live the life you love       

  • Personal, professional, and creative self-care and alignment 

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