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Meditate and Move....

Meditation is not meant to be done a certain way.

This video is just one of a myriad ways to meditate.

Meditation can involve stillness, movement, breath, sounds, chants, music, sounds, sensations, scents, etc .

In this flow.... we are breathing through yoga movements and stretches....

At any time something feels painful or distressing, stop.

Breathwork: Cleansing breaths, Normal breaths, In -4, Hold -4, Out -4, Pause -4 Seated Yoga: Cat, Cow, Forward Fold, Savasana

Narratives: I am grounded. I am worthy.

You may use this for 1 minute or the entire video... or whatever you may need in the moment you press play.

You will hear sound bowl sounds associated with the root chakra.

A balanced root chakra is linked to:

focus and presence feeling stable and secure

a healthy survival instinct dependability,

reliability and responsibility

a sense of belonging

feeling grounded and connected to self and others

the ability to care for yourself

the drive to live

The root chakra is usually associated with the color RED

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